RuPy '09 Conference - Agenda is Complete

RuPy is the strongly dynamic conference concerning mostly Ruby and Python programming languages (7 & 8 November, in Poznan, Poland). Registration has been open for some time, and now we have also completed the agenda. There will be a load of talks and many stars of the geek world will come to talk about their experiences.

After the first day of talks, we invite all attendees to join the Geek Party on Saturday night, where one can discuss Ruby and Python-related issues while holding a glass of cold beer.

The list of speakers and talks include:

  • Michael Dirolf - "An Introduction to MongoDB"
  • Obie Fernandez - "Rapid Application development with Rails and MongoDB"
  • David Goodger - Community-oriented talk
  • Charles Oliver Nutter - "JRuby: Pushing the Boundaries"
  • Paolo Negri - "RabbitMQ"
  • Tarek Ziade - "The Python Packaging Ecosystem"
  • Scott Chacon - "Mastering Git"

Check out the complete list of speakers at http://rupy.eu/speakers/. We still have some places left, so do not hesitate if you don't want to miss any of these talks and register now for just 59 EUR.

All the details can be found at http://rupy.eu. See you at RuPy '09!


Invited speakers

The vast majority of talks at PyCon go through a challenging submission process where they are weighed against the other submitted talks - 179 submissions this year. A few speakers, however, have been so consistently and overwhelmingly popular at previous PyCons that this year's program committee has invited them to skip the usual review process, reserving talk slots for topics of their choice.

The PyCon 2010 invited speakers and their topics are
  • Ian Bicking, On The Subject Of Source Code
  • Jeff Rush, Interfaces, Adapters and Factories
  • Jack Diederich, Python's Dusty Corners
  • Mike Fletcher, Debating 'til Dawn: Topics to keep you up all night
  • Raymond Hettinger, Mastering Team Play: Four powerful examples of composing Python tools
  • Bob Ippolito, The other kind of testing
  • Alex Martelli, Powerful Pythonic Patterns
  • Joe Gregorio, Threading is not a model
  • Ned Batchelder, Tests and Testability
  • Holger Krekel, The Ring of Python
  • Ted Leung, A Survey of Concurrency Constructs


Introducing the PyCon US Poster Sessions!

Starting at PyCon 2010 in Atlanta, GA, we're excited to announce the addition of organized poster sessions during the regular conference days.

Every year, PyCon US has tried to highlight new, interesting, and noteworthy things going on in the Python Community... and every year, we've been amazed by the variety and depth of interesting projects that have been presented. Up until now, that information has been formally presented using a combination of invited and reviewed talks, lightning talks from attendees, and open-space events. While these are all good in their own right, we've decided that perhaps one more presentation model would be a good fit with PyCon...

Poster sessions have proven to be a fantastic way to facilitate direct contact between presenters and audiences at other conferences and we're excited to be able to bring them to PyCon in 2010. We will have two designated plenary poster sessions and will be providing space for posters up to 4ft. by 4 ft. in size. During the session, speakers stand with their posters, and the audience circulate freely, seeking out the particular presentations they are interested in and talking directly to the presenter in small groups.

Like the traditional reviewed PyCon talks, posters will have their own proposal and review system. Poster proposals will be held to the same standards that talk proposals face and their content promises to be every bit as interesting. Details about the poster proposal and review process will follow soon, but we strongly suggest that anyone who's interested in proposing a poster start putting together their ideas together so that they'll be ready when the call for poster proposals is published in the near future.


ConFoo.ca 2010: Call for Proposals

PHP-Québec, Montréal-Python, Ruby Montréal, W3Qc, and OWASP Montréal are organizing the first edition of the ConFoo.ca conference, which will be held in Montréal, Canada, on March 10th through 12th at the Hilton Bonaventure Hotel. With over 500 attendees expected, ConFoo.ca will be one of the largest web development conferences in North America.

ConFoo.ca is looking for great speakers willing to share their experience and skills with programmers, managers, marketers and decision makers. The conference will be divided into two parts:

  • A technical part, encompassing different aspects of web development: PHP, Python, Ruby, security, project management, CMSs and frameworks, databases, systems administration, web standards, accessibility and agile methods.
  • A decision-making part: referencing (SEO), web marketing analysis, and social networking.

Presentations can be in English or in French, and should be roughly one hour long. Presentations may be recorded for later broadcast in digital format. All relevant details concerning the conference are available here:

ConFoo.ca Call for Speakers

Even though Python can be used for a wide range of programming tasks, the Python track at ConFoo.ca will focus on web development with Python. If you use Python to do web development, be it to generate pages, to do analytics, or to manage elastic scaling, don't hesitate to submit a talk proposal for the Python track at ConFoo.ca.

Share the word!


pyTexas: Regional Conference - Oct 24/25

pyTexas, the 3rd annual regional Python conference, is coming up in only ten days. It is being held Oct 24-25 Sat/Sun in Ft. Worth at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

The format is scheduled talks on Saturday morning followed by open space talks driven by the attendees in the afternoon. On Sunday there will be sprints on various projects and, in parallel, a Python Lab that tests the attendees with interesting programming puzzles.

There is no cost to attend but we would appreciate you adding your name to the registration wiki to give us a better idea of attendance.

We expect the conference to be a small, interactive gathering of the Texas community, not a big stuffy conference. It will be a lot of fun. We hope to see you there!

Jeff Rush, an organizer


Kiwi PyCon: How a programming language is changing the Web

The main keynote speaker at Kiwi PyCon 2009, Joel Burton, an internationally recognised trainer and presenter, will explain how the programming language Python is becoming the language of choice for developing websites due to its simplicity and flexibility. The conference will be held at the Canterbury Innovation Incubator in Christchurch on November 7th and 8th.

Other tracks at the conference will include: GUI, Science & Math, Game, and Applications. The conference will also have a dedicated Web track, which will include presentations about many Python web technologies, such as: Django, Twisted, Zope 3, Grok, and Plone.

The conference has attracted a lot of interest from many universities throughout the country and staff and students from Auckland, Massey, Canterbury, and Otago universities will be presenting regarding how they've used Python in their research.

“As Christchurch has the reputation of being the Silicon Valley of New Zealand, its been really great to see a number of electronics companies in Christchurch support the event”, said Tim Knapp, the conference Director. Tait Electronics, a radio communications manufacturer, is a Gold sponsor for the event.

“The positive response we've received from the IT community in New Zealand has been really encouraging” commented Mr. Knapp. “Really, no matter what industry your business is in, this conference will be of benefit to you.”

Registration closes on October 23rd and registrations are limited. For more information visit http://nz.pycon.org/.


179 PyCon proposals!

Talk submissions for PyCon 2010 have closed, with an astonishing 179 talks proposed. (For comparison, PyCon 2009 received 118 submissions - and many attendees called 2009 the best PyCon ever.) Thanks to everyone who submitted!

The all-volunteer Program Committee is now busy with the difficult but delightful task of selecting the very best from this huge pool of submissions. Expect a PyCon program with breadth and quality like never before!

Tutorial proposals remain open through October 18: http://us.pycon.org/2010/tutorials/proposals/